Through our support of original research on an important and timely set of themes surrounding the interrelationship of media and politics, we hope to generate new research questions and collaborations. These essays are designed as ‘think pieces’ to spur further discussion.

Infrastructures of Empire: Towards a Critical Geopolitics of Media and Information Studies

by Miriyam Aouragh and Paula Chakravartty


essays_02From Pamphlets to Facebook: Collective Memory, Media Strategies and the Moroccan Left 

by Jamal Bahmad


essay_03Our cousin from the jungles: Assam and the Assamese in the Indian imaginary

by Somnath Batabyal


essay_04Dislocation and Wild Imaginings: Revolutionary Culture from Syria to Turkey

by Sune Haugbølle


Online Political Satire in China as Symbolic Protest

by Min Jiang and Guobin Yang


essay_06A Soundbyte of Rage: Popular Culture and the Political in a Networked Age

by Aswin Punathambekar


essay_07The Birth of a Meme: "I Want True Universal Suffrage" in Hong Kong

by Jack Linchuan Qiu


essay_08Mao vs. Jasmine: Transnational Orbits of Revolutionary Symbols in the Cold War and 2011 

by Guobin Yang and Min Jiang


essay_09Mediated Events as Nodes of Articulation: The case of the Diaoyu Islands Dispute in Sina Weibo 

by Elaine Yuan